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New single, “Questions For You”, is out

Wrote this one about the concept of a long-term relationship crumbling, and the frustration that unspoken feelings can bring.

It has been interesting transitioning from an Indie-Pop solo project to a band collaboration. The sound sort of just naturally began to include more rock elements, so it wasn't really much of a change for me. This was just the music we were writing. November beaches was more of a hybrid between the two, the bridge if you will between the two identities of Between Giants. Questions For You is definitely on the other side of that bridge.

“Is this the end? Is this all that I meant? Your lips still shake, at least they're honest.”

I had some pretty severe writer's block before I wrote this, but a big fight between my roommates was just the catalyst I needed to break through my lack of inspiration. A cool reminder that art can be born out of anything, even something dark. Sorry about your fight you guys, but I love you and am happy this song came out of it.

-Tyler John

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