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Independent Music Award Nomination

Well goddamn. Just got nominated for an Independent Music Award for "Best Pop Album". I'm freaking out. I ran down the streets of Manhattan when I found out.

"Jupiter" was the first full length record I ever made. I created it in my bedroom, and had no idea what this project was going to be. Fast forward to me moving to New York City and chasing the dream, turning this creation of mine into a full fledged band, touring the entire east coast of the United States and now, an IMA nomination.


This industry is exhausting. It is painful, discouraging, and alienating. In my promo video for this record, I included all the terrible things that industry executives and playlist curators had said to me. Desparate, uninspired, amateur. And yet, that same record has finally been acknowledged. Fans will support me no matter what, but recognition within my industry from other professionals feels so fucking good. I cried the night I got this email. This was my validation. All the sleepless nights, the moments in life that I've missed to record and write music, all the shit that I've gone through - I am doing something that matters. I matter. This music, matters.

Now I just have to win.

-Tyler John

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